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CBD oil facts and tips

In 2012 I started Hempishop from a personal quest for a healthy and sustainable lifestyle and my fascination with hemp and anything that the plant can do for the world. In my shop I sell CBD oil and renewable (hemp) products.

By now you know quite a few people about the use of CBD oil. Demand for CBD grows and demand increases. How do you rate the value of a product CBD? Which product is right for you? How to use CBD oil? Please do not hesitate a moment to educate yourself.

How CBd works

It is first useful to know how and why CBD works. The acronym stands for CBD cannabidiol, an ingredient of the cannabis plant. Do not confuse it with THC, the component you high or stoned. The amount of THC to CBD oil is negligible. CBD is not addictive or psychoactive.

How CBD works in the human body

Endogenous cannabinoids are also referred to as endocannabinoids. All mammals to make endocannabinoids. These fabrics perform their role within the endocannabinoid system. This system adjusts the hormone production declines, the immune system sends to the activity of agencies regulates and affects protein synthesis. The body endocannabinoids are almost the same plant cannabinoids. CBD from hemp are therefore easily absorbed by your body and fit on the same receptors.

What percentage CBD oil do I need

That's the first question when you start CBD oil. A cliff-made answer does not exist. It all depends on your goal, posture, sensitivity ... In short, you have to find what works for you. How do you do that? Start with an average rate of 5% for example. Experiment with the number of droplets and the distribution of the doses over the day. In the process you find out what works best for you.

The percentage Cannabidiol on the package

The most distinctive feature of each product CBD is the percentage of the active substance. The packaging of the product consists CBD percentage. Most commonly used are 2.5% and 5%. CBD oil of 2.5% is often used as a dietary supplement entertaining. Percentages of 5% and higher may be used more effectively.

What if CBD oil does not seem to work for you

Often, it is simply a consequence of a moderate quality. In the CBD oil is not always the promised percentage of the CBD at the molecular level damage. Have CBD oil from a reputable brand? Try a higher percentage of CBD oil. Many people who hardly notice 5%, or feel the desired effect, for example 10%. If a higher percentage have no noticeable effect, there is something else going on. In rare cases, the body's endocannabinoid system does not respond vegetable CBD. If at you is the case and you are experiencing health problems, it is advisable to discuss it with a doctor.

CBD oil for your dog, cat or other animals

Animal CBD have discovered oil and put it in to common ailments in dogs and cats. Owners of pets with epilepsy show the number of attacks decreases drastically. Animals who suffer from joint pain, walking with a few drops of oil CBD again easier. Furthermore, people give CBD oil to their pet at, inter alia, diabetes, pain, gastrointestinal problems and decreased appetite. Also frightened animals may CBD oil are effective. You often see that frightened animals are calmer and relaxed animals while more active.

You start with a low dose: 1 to 2 times daily 1 drop CBD oil. Look a little over a week and then possibly increase the dose in small steps. Give it enough time. Each animal responds differently, some animals you see results after several weeks. If maximum daily dose you can keep 1 mg CBD per 1 kg of body weight (source: veterinarian Dr. Robert Silver). A drop of 5% CBD oil contains about 1.5 mg. Buy one for small dogs and cats up to 15kg CBD oil of 2.5%. For pets under 45kg grab 5%. For large dogs weighing more than 45kg can possibly use CBD oil with a higher percentage than 5%.

Where does cbd oil come from

The quality of the CBD oil, of course, begins with the hemp. The plant grows naturally fast and has its own defense against pests. This makes hemp ideal crop for organic farming.
Before I opened this shop, I used a while CBD. I have done research to producers and came out at the Danish and Austrian Endoca Medi Hemp. Both companies maintain full production in-house. They grow the hemp, extract the CBD and make the finished products. These are companies with extensive experience and an excellent reputation that you can rely on the best organic quality.

I think you get the tastiest tomatoes when organic cultivation. And I believe you get the best CBD if you as natural as possible to grow the hemp plant. However, I understand that you may not see value in organic farming. The regular CBD oil Endoca and Medi Hemp is also very high (and slightly cheaper).

how is CBD extracted from hemp?

In addition, the percentage of the extraction method is also important to look at. There are three methods in order to extract the CBD from the hemp: oil extraction, CO2 extraction and alcohol extraction. If done carefully, you can get a good product with any extraction method. Personally I prefer the CO2 extraction.

Alcohol extraction sticking most of the disadvantages. In fact alcohol does not solve all the nutrients and cannabinoids well thus creating a less rich product.

With oil extraction hemp dipped in hemp seed oil (sometimes is used olive oil). The heating ensures that CBDA (the acid / acid form of CBD) CBD is converted into and is received in the hemp seed oil. After seven keep your CBD rich oil with the soft flavor of hemp seed oil. In this process it is difficult to get the CBD oil at a certain percentage. Oil extraction is therefore a more difficult and more lengthy process whereby the price is also higher. By heating the remaining nutrients and cannabinoids for this process less.

In the CO2 extraction converts it with carbon dioxide, the plant material under high pressure. So come CBD and other cannabinoids free. This is an efficient method that yields a rich CBD oil sharper taste. This is sometimes called full spectrum CBD oil, because all the nutrients and other cannabinoids remain well preserved because no heat is involved in the extraction process. CBD is the most well-known cannabinoid, in addition, are also more and more is known about the influence of the other cannabinoids such as CBDA, CBG, CBGA, CBC, CBN and CBNA.

General Tips for using oil CBD

Keep CBD oil in a dark and cool place, for example in a kitchen cupboard. CBD oil is not infinitely sustainable. Buy an amount that you can make in a year. Shake before use. Squeeze the dropper empty after use. To prevent that with the pipette, the rim of the bottle neck, so you avoid that oil is going to run along the bottle.

CBD oil in order

Hempishop is connected to Webwinkelkeur and Kiyoh reviews. These independent organizations monitor online stores reliability. You can trust the accuracy of the information on our website, the customer reviews are genuine, we handle returns quickly and we follow a protocol honest disputes. We send for minimal cost and free from € 60, -. You can also pick orders free Breda.

When you start CBD oil, then often growing interest in other healthy hemp products. I do my best to meet them by offering a broad and high-quality range. I sell popular products CBD as oil and tea, but also exceptional as chewing gum and balm. Also in my shelves numerous products that fit a healthy lifestyle.

Questions about CBD oil

Do you want to buy but you still doubt? Have questions about CBD oil that I have not covered? Search for a specific agent or CBD hemp product that I did not stand in the shop? You can easily reach me! Call +31 (0) 76 88 96 849 or email Hemp offers great opportunities for sustainability. The plant can grow extremely environmentally friendly and provides raw material to include food and clothing.

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MediHemp CBD Oil CO2 Extraction 2,5% CBD Organic 10ml

CBD oil from raw CO2 extraction cold-pressed hempseedoil enriched with essential hemp oil GMO fr..

Ex Tax: €14.22

MediHemp CBD Oil CO2 Extraction 5% CBD Organic 10ml

CBD oil from raw CO2 extraction cold-pressed hempseedoil enriched with essential hemp oil GMO fr..

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MediHemp CBD Oil Raw CO2 Extraction With Olive Oil 6% CBD Organic 10ml

CBD oil from raw CO2 extraction cold-pressed hempseedoil enriched with essential hemp oil GMO fr..

Ex Tax: €33.49

MediHemp CBD Oil Raw CO2 Extraction 10% CBD Organic 10ml

CBD oil from raw CO2 extraction cold-pressed hempseedoil enriched with essential hemp oil GMO fr..

Ex Tax: €62.84

MediHemp CBD Oil Raw CO2 Extraction 18% CBD Organic 10ml

CBD oil from raw CO2 extraction cold-pressed hempseedoil enriched with essential hemp oil GMO fr..

Ex Tax: €116.06

Endoca Organic CBD Oil Raw CO2 Extraction 3% CBD 10ml

Each bottle contains 10ml Raw Hemp Oil with 3%, 300mg CBD+CBDa A single drop contains 1mg CB..

Ex Tax: €22.89
Endoca Organic CBD Paste Raw CO2 Extraction 30% CBD 10g -26%

Endoca Organic CBD Paste Raw CO2 Extraction 30% CBD 10g

1 tube contains 10g Raw Hemp Oil with 30% (3000mg) CBD and CBDA 1 gram contain 300mg CBD+CBDa. Or..

€346.00 €256.50
Ex Tax: €235.32
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