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What is the difference between MediHemp CBD Oil Raw and CBD Oil Pure Bio?

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What is the difference between MediHemp CBD Oil Raw and CBD Oil Pure Bio?

What is the difference between Medihemp CBD oil Raw and CBD oil Pure Bio?

A question that is regularly asked: What is the difference between MediHemp CBD Oil Raw and CBD Oil Pure Bio? The difference has to do with how the CBD extract is extracted from the hemp. There are three methods for extracting CBD from hemp: oil extraction, CO2 extraction and alcohol extraction. If it is done carefully, you can get a good product with any extraction method. Personally, I prefer the CO2 extraction. Alcohol extraction has the most disadvantages. Not all nutrients and cannabinoids dissolve well in alcohol, which results in a less rich product. The Bio CBD Oil from MediHemp is made through an oil extraction process. The Bio CBD Oil has the soft taste of hemp seed oil. This involves heating, which means that unfortunately not all nutrients are retained. The CBD Oil Raw from MediHemp is made by means of a super critical CO2 extraction. This means a soft and clean extraction in which the other cannabinoids such as CBC, CBN, CBG and CBV are best preserved. The CBD Oil from CO2 extraction has a sharp taste. Read more below about the difference between MediHemp CBD Oil Raw and CBD Oil Bio.

raw CBD oil from MediHemp

With CO2 extraction the plant material is put under high pressure with carbon dioxide. This releases CBD and the other cannabinoids. This is an efficient method that produces a rich CBD oil that has a sharper taste. This is sometimes referred to as full spectrum CBD oil, because all nutrients and other cannabinoids are well preserved because there is no heating involved in the extraction process. CBD is the best-known cannabinoid, and more and more is also known about the influence of other cannabinoids such as CBDa, CBG, CBGa, CBC, CBN and CBNa. With the Raw CBD oil, the percentage consists for the most part of CBD and a smaller part of CBDa. CBDa is the acid form of CBD, and would strengthen CBD in the body.

Nature is beautiful, but not the same every day. Since Medihemp produces natural products, the taste, color and substance will differ per batch. This depends on the conditions during the growth of the plants (sun, rain, climate, type of plant, soil etc). But it is also a sign that Medihemp does not add chemicals or other substances to adjust the CBD extract. The plants produce different values ​​in terms of substances depending on the circumstances, so the plants each time contain a slightly different ratio of cannabidoids, terpenes, etc. The CBD content is closely monitored throughout the entire process. After this extraction process, a thick CBD paste remains. The thickness is due to the presence of natural waxes.

The CBD oil Raw from Medihemp now has a new formula that increases bioavailability. This means that the cannabidoids can be absorbed even better by the body. Medihemp has found a way to extract these previously mentioned waxes from the extract. This explains why the new oil is lighter in color and thinner in substance. Ultimately, the CBD content is of course measured again in the end product, so that the CBD content does meet the standard. Click here to go to the CBD oil Raw products

CBD olie Pure Bio from MediHemp

With oil extraction, hemp is immersed in hemp seed oil (sometimes olive oil is used). Heating ensures that CBDa (the acid / acid form of CBD) is converted to CBD and is absorbed in the hemp seed oil. After sieving you will have a rich CBD oil extract with the soft taste of hemp seed oil. In this process it is more difficult to get the CBD oil at a certain percentage. Oil extraction is therefore a more difficult and a longer process, so the price is also a bit higher. Due to the heating, the other nutrients and cannabinoids are less well preserved in this process. The percentage of CBD consists entirely of CBD. This CBD oil contains hardly any CBDa, unlike the CBD oil Raw. Click here to go to the CBD oil Bio Pure products

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