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Fermenting with the Pickle Press

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Fermenting: you can do that yourself!
Fermenting is in. More and more people want to have these processes in their own hands and therefore ferment their own fruit and vegetables. Did you know that it is not as difficult as you think? Our pickle press makes it even easier. With a cabbage, a scoop of salt and a few days of patience, you can make your own sauerkraut so quickly and hygienically.

What is fermentation?
Almost all products with a distinct taste are fermented. Think of wine, cheese and yogurt. Fermenting is no more than letting rotten food functionally, with the intention of changing the taste, smell, texture, digestibility and shelf life. This process may not sound so good, it is a wonder of nature! Only micro-organisms such as bacteria, fungi and yeast are needed. Japanese have been doing this for centuries and have become particularly good at learning to preserve food and create unique flavors.

Japanese food? Fermented food!
That fermentation occupies such a large place in Japanese cuisine is due to the characteristics of the Japanese climate: the high temperature and high humidity stimulate the growth of bacteria and micro-organisms.

The majority of our Japanese line also went through a fermentation process at a certain point in the production process. Japanese are masters in the creation of special flavors and fermentation often produces that fifth taste: umami. Did you know that in shoyu and tamari all five flavors occur simultaneously? This also happens during the fermentation process, which, incidentally, lasts at least 18 months. Special?

What can you ferment?
Now that people in Europe are increasingly looking for authentic and traditional food, fermentation is becoming increasingly popular. It not only makes your food tastier, but it is also much easier than you think!

Especially vegetables are very suitable to ferment. Think especially of hard vegetables such as beetroot, cabbage, carrot, onion and pumpkin. After months of fermenting, these varieties are still delicious! Softer vegetables such as cucumber, tomato and spinach quickly become mushy, so ferment them briefly.

The rules of fermenting
A number of rules that you should know are:
Usually a longer fermentation time for stronger flavors and more acid.
The higher the temperature and the more humid the air, the faster the process goes.
Ensure good hygiene of the pickle press and wash your hands well before, during and after the process.
Using too little salt makes the products less crunchy and in some cases even unsafe due to incorrect bacterial growth.

Pickle press: a useful help!
With our pickle press (in Japanese tsukemonoki) you make it extra easy for yourself. Because the press has exactly the right materials and construction, the process of fermentation is accelerated and you can ferment food yourself in a hygienic way. This allows you to have a delicious sauerkraut on the table in 3 days! Soon we will present our tsukemonoki in a beautiful new look!

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TerraSana Pickle Press Tsukemonoki 1,2 L

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