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CBD oil, hemp products

Hemp we should cherish. This plant can give us everything we need. Shelter, warmth, food, health, pleasure ... I myself have noticed that I feel better with hemp in my diet. The beneficial effect of CBD oil I use daily and I have many friends with equally enthusiastic stories. This shop originated in 2012 from that personal experience.


Range of organic (hemp) products

I gradually expanded my range of products that are in line. So I hope to make shopping more efficient for my clients, all health-, care and hemp products that are not easy to find in a European webshop. So you can fill your basket with the products you need anyway. Hempishop is more than an online store for CBD oil. It is a shop where you buy sustainable, organic and hemp products at a fair price!

organic food

Are you interested in hemp foods? Chances are you want to eat well anyway. In the category of food you'll find ingredients, bakery products, spreads, snacks and beverages. Always organic. Check the offer organic foods.


organic superfoods

Here you can find the foods that can give you a boost. Because they have much in themselves what your body needs at certain times. High quality hemp protein powder for instance. Nutritious seeds and berries. Raw cacao. Organic superfoods are real nutrient bombs.


Non-food products

Among non-food you can find products that help to maintain a healthy diet, such as blenders, dehydrators and slowjuicers. We also offer eco-friendly household products. Check the department non-food.


High-quality CBD oil

CBD oil is in my opinion the most special food made from hemp. It offers all the beneficial cannabis without psychoactive 'side effects'. High-quality CBD oil products - among others dropper bottles, capsules, chewing gum and tea - you can order at our CBD shop.


Organic cat food and dog food

If there is an idea behind the diet that you choose for yourself, you may also want to have the same for your pet. Yarrah's pet food ingredients are from certified organic origin only. Of course we also help dog lovers. Here you will find the assortment of organic cat food and dog food.


Hemp clothing and bags

The beauty of hemp is it's diversity. You can make a very nutritious diet from hemp. Great cosmetics. And particularly comfortable hemp shirts, sweaters, socks, bags ... Check out the  luxury basics and beautiful fashion items in our range. Anything you order, it offers comfort and quality of organic cotton and / or hemp. Nose about the rack hemp clothing, and find comfort at the collection hemp bags, wallets and laptop sleeves.

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An estimated 50,000 different applications of industrial hemp are possible. Together with the essential advantages in the field of nutrition, physical care, direct environment, sustainability and the environment, it is not just an alternative but the solution!


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