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We must cherish hemp. This little plant can give us everything we need. Shelter, warmth, food, health, pleasure… I myself have noticed that I feel much better with hemp in my diet. I use the beneficial effect of CBD oil on a daily basis and I have many friends and acquaintances with equally enthusiastic stories. This web store was founded in 2012 from that personal experience.

High-quality CBD oil

In my opinion, CBD oil is the most special food made from hemp. It offers all the benefits of cannabis, without psychoactive 'side effects'. Read all about how CBD oil† High-quality CBD oil products – including dropper bottles, capsules, suppositories and tea – can be ordered in the CBD store.

Assortment of organic (hemp) products

Gradually I expanded my range with products that are in the same line. Hempishop is now more than an online store for CBD oil. It is the shop where you can buy sustainable, organic and hemp products at an affordable price!

Organic food and superfoods

Are you interested in hemp nutrition? Chances are you want to eat well anyway. Check the offer organic food. In the Superfoods category you will find foods that can give you a boost. High-quality hemp protein powder for example. Nutritious seeds. Raw cocoa. Real nutrient bombs, those organic superfoods.

Mushroom Supplements

Over the years, much research has been done on the different species mushrooms. Each mushroom is unique in its own way due to the profile of nutrients, minerals and vitamins. Although every mushroom is unique, mushrooms also have a common factor: they all contain the same types of active ingredients. The amount of these active substances differs per species, which creates a unique profile. Well-known mushrooms are the Chaga, Lion's Mane, Cordyceps and Reishi.

Natural care products

From soap, shampoo to toothpaste! But also very nice balms with CBD to take extra care of the skin. An extensive offer body care with natural ingredients.

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There are an estimated 50.000 different uses for industrial hemp. Together with the essential advantages in the field of nutrition, physical care, immediate living environment, sustainability and the environment, it is not just an alternative, but the solution!

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