Dr Bronner Magic Soap Giftset 3x 60ml

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-18% Dr Bronner Magic Soap Giftset 3x 60ml

Dr. Bronner Magic Soap

Dr. Bronner soap is a unique soap. Dr. Bronners known for the simple, vegetable soaps with pure formulas. The soap is so special that it is also called "The Magic Soap". Dr. Bronner soap is fair trade and contains pure organic oils such as olive, jojoba, extra virgin coconut and hemp oil. The soap contains no artificial preservatives, cleaning agents and foaming agents and is 100% biodegradable. Dr. Bronner soap cleans efficiently in a gentle way.

Why natural Magic Soap?

If you look at the list of ingredients on the packaging of your personal care products, it will often contain terms that you will not know. These are ingredients that can have harmful effects on human and animal health. From ingredients that can disrupt the hormone balance to even ingredients that could be carcinogenic.

Many people are not aware of the ingredients in the care products that they use. But if your skin still breathes and absorbs? Then it's smart to take a closer look at what you put on that skin. Dr. Bronner soap is made from coconut oil, palm oil, olive oil, water, vegetable glycerin, hemp seed oil and jojoba oil. In addition, delicious essential oils are added per type.

The Citrus Orange variant also contains lemon peel oil and orange peel oil. The basic ingredients for the oils are all grown in a human, animal and environmentally friendly way. The ingredients are naturally biological and chemical ingredients are not found in Dr. Bronners soap products. All natural soaps from Dr. Bronner are ecologically responsible, fair trade and made with hemp seed oil. A true hemp soap.

The history of Dr. Bronner's Soaps

The creator of the Dr. Bronner soap, Emanuel Bronner, was born in 1908 in Germany. There he was born into a family of soap makers, but in 1929 he emigrated to the United States. Dr. started there Bronner to make soap yourself by hand from home.

Slowly but surely his company became more and more popular, but dr. Bronner did not see himself as a businessman, but as a political activist with the aim of making the world a little better through his company. It was just when synthetic soaps started to rise that Dr. Bronner believe in its own 100% natural products. Because of his personal approach, he had to rely primarily on word of mouth.

In the late 1960s, soap sales exploded thanks to a combination of the high quality and eco friendliness of the soap. In the years that followed Dr. Bronner soap is making its way to health stores throughout the US. Dr. Bronner's soap has stood the test of time and is today more successful than ever, with care for people and the environment and natural ingredients still being of paramount importance. Thirty percent of the profit is used for charities today.

the applications of dr. Bronner Magic Soap

Dr. Bronner soap is known to have the 18 in 1 formula. With the dr. Bronner soap you can actually go even more ways. Here is a summary of some of the many applications where Dr. Bronner soap is suitable for.
1. Of course you can with Dr. Bronner soap wash your hands.
2. The Dr. You can also use Bronner soap as a fine foaming shampoo to wash your hair with.
3. Dr. Soap Bronner is also suitable for a wonderfully scented and calming or stimulating foot bath.
4. Use Dr. Bronner soap as a shower gel to soak you in.
5. Or as bath foam. Dr. Bronner soap is known to foam wonderfully.
6. What is also possible is the Dr. Use Bronner soap as a toothpaste.
7. Or use Dr. Bronner soap as a breath freshener.
8. The Dr. Bronner soap is also suitable as a mouthwash.
9. With Dr. Bronner soap you can shave yourself. Make a diluted version of the soap. It foams well and does not clog the blades.
10. Use the Dr. Bronner soap after shaving as an after shave.
11. Do you have sore muscles? Then you can Also use Bronner soap as a massage oil.
12. Dr. Bronners soap can also be used as a detergent for a clean wash. With a diluted version of the Dr. Bronner soap you can wash wool and silk.
13. You can also wash your pets with the soap. The soap is gentle on the skin, but watch out with the eyes!
14. Dr. Bronner soap is suitable for washing vegetables and fruit.
15. Use Dr. Bronner soap as a pesticide spray, for your plants, or to solve an ant infestation.
16. The Dr. Bronner baby soap is suitable for diaper change, the soap does not cause irritation.
17. For a wonderful fresh scent in your home you can Dr. Use Bronner soap with a diffuser.
18. For the dishes, Dr. Bronner soap is also very suitable. Because the soap is highly concentrated, you need little to use.
19. Make an all-purpose cleaner with Dr. Soap. Bronner by simply mixing the soap
20. To make your wardrobe smell fresh and clean, you can use the Dr. Grate Bronner soap and hang it in a bag in the cupboard.

Dr. Bronner's Soap and cosmetic products at Hempishop.nl

In the assortment there is Dr. Bronners soap for babies and Dr. Bronners soap for adults. These are released in liquid soap in a recycled plastic bottle, and in a block soap with paper wrap. The Dr Bronner Magic Soap is ideal for backpackers when traveling; a small product with many applications that takes up very little space! It is the ideal all-in-one soap that can replace almost all your products in the bathroom and kitchen.

Dr. Bronner soap comes in the following variants: Almond, Baby Neutral, Orange, Eucalyptus, Lavender, Peppermint, Roses, Tea tree and Shikakai.

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