Ohm Collection Deodorant No Sweat Nojito 60g

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-10% Ohm Collection Deodorant No Sweat Nojito 60g
We love the new Generation. They say what they mean and they mean what they say and always get a lot of hassle for standing up for the truth. Of course it takes an older person to see this and that’s why we love them too. However, the new Generation… they smell bad. Is it the fast food, the slow showers, the couch surfing? We made an organically blended chemical free deodorant to support their bodies not intoxicate them and to make them smell great, have less sweat and alkalise so they can socialise.
How to use not abuse
The new Generation loves white powder. So, make sure they take this one. In essence it is baking soda WITH AN INCREDIBLE ESSENTIAL OIL BLEND. The most effective way to have less sweat, a better body odor and a more balanced Ph, effectively leading to better health and smell, is to put a little of this powder on your fingers and on your armpits each day. It lasts for 24 hrs -incredible!. As long as you also watch what you eat how much coffee you drink and how much sleep you get... but that goes for everything good in life. 
We blended this product with the absolute finest oils we could find on the planet, as we are freaks of nature.
This blend will alkalise you, neutralize your armpits and keep you drier longer.
Use very little as we help you economise too as it will last you 2-3 months then and is therefore even cheaper than synthetic alternatives which nobody wants anyway. So, after you shower or when you get up – unless you have shaved your armpits (in which case wait a day), put some powder on your fingers and put it on all over your armpits and be amazed.
Ingredients of the Nojito deodorant
Citrus aurantifolia oil (Organic lime), Citrus reticulata oil (tangerine), Santalum paniculatum oil (Royal Hawaiian Sandalwood) Sodium Bicabonate.

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